Moving Information from one table to another

Is there a method for taking a column of information or parts of and by clicking a box moving over to a new Table?

What I doing is building a Casting database.
1st Table has all the actors listed by Age, Sex, Ethnicity. This page has pictures and contact numbers. I want to be able to go in check the ones I want to consider for a job, then have the checked ones duplicate over to a new Table. (Table 2)

From here I have the director rate A,B,C their choice. Once we have contracted one of their, we would click another box and move those ones alone over to a new table (Table 3) “Contracted”.

Is this kind of linking or moving information possible in Airtable?

Hi @Duane_Journey - you can select the records you want using the tickbox at the far left of the record, then use CTRL-C/CMD-C to copy them. In a table with the same structure you can paste these records:

This would work fine for simple use cases.

From a purist design perspective, you probably wouldn’t want to copy these records to another table - partly for unnecessary duplication reasons, but also if the data changes in the original table, it won’t be reflected in the duplicated tables. A better way might be to give each record a status - initial casting, stage 2, final stage etc - and have views that filter based on this status. But I’m being a purist :wink:


That’s what I really want is the purist version. But I don’t really understand how to accomplish that. I would be good to only take certain elements over to Stage 2.

OK, more purist answer:

If this is your table:

Have a field (probably a single select) “Casting Stage” showing which stage the candidate is at. Then create another view (say “Stage 1”) and filter this where status = Stage 1:

You can also use the “hide fields” functionality to hide columns not needed for the stage 1 process.

Here’s a link to views which will help too:


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