Multiple Organization Charts?

I am attempting to create multiple organization charts / “relationship maps” for all of my vendors (on a separate table).

Right now the way the block is set up, it thinks that all of the rows belong to the same organization. However, as you’ll see I’ve linked the Vendor name to a different tab because there are multiple vendors that will each need their own relationship map. In the example I’ve shown, I’d like to have 1 organizational chart for Example - Dunder Mifflin and another for Wonka’s Chocolates.

Is that possible without creating a new tab for each Vendor?

Hi @Rachael_Castelaz,

The way the Org Chart block works is that it links between 2 fields that are linked to each other in the same table.

What I would do (depending on how many vendors you have) is create a View for each vendor, and set Org Chart blocks depending on that view.


DUH! Airtable 101. Thank you!!

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