Need help with adding weight to my gear database


I have a photo gear base with all my gear, I have one table with all the gear and i have one table with shoots where I pick out the gear for each shoot.

I would like to add weight (as in kg) field to my gear table in the Shoot table i can have a summarized weight of all the gear for each shoot.

Will this be possible?

Thank you!

Yep, you can have a number field in your Gear table where you enter the weight of an item in kg.

Then in your Shoots table, I presume you have a linked record field where you are linking your Gear for a shoot. In addition to that linked record field, you’ll need a Rollup field that Rolls up:

Linked Record Field:   Gear
Field to Rollup:       Weight
Rollup Function:       SUM(values)

That Rollup field will give you the total weight of all the Gear you have selected for the Shoot.


Wow, thank you so much! Is there any way that I can have kg or grams added to the sum ?

Thank you!

I’m not entirely sure if this will work, but you could try putting this in the Rollup Function:

SUM(values) & " kg"
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Thank you, really appreciate it!!

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