Nested If formulas using Single select field


I would like to create a nested IF formula that will output text to the formula cell based on which option is selected in the single select field. This is what I have so far.

IF ({Single Select Field} = “A”, “Answer 1”, If ({Field} = “B”, “Answer 2”)) etc.

It would ended up being about 10 different options.

Thank You


And what is the question? That is the way to go :sweat_smile: .


I thought the question was implied. The formula I have so far is not working and I don’t know why. I got as far as I did using the support page you suggested.

Any further help would be appreciated.


I don’t see nothing wrong, maybe the second IF should be CAPITAL? :thinking:


The most likely culprit is the parentheses. Make sure you have the right number of closing parentheses.


There can’t be a space between ‘IF’ and ‘(’.

(I’m assuming the curly quotes in your example are an artifact of your posting them in this forum. If they are part of your formula — for instance, if you copy-and-pasted that section of the formula from a post on this forum — replace them with straight quotes as entered from your keyboard.)

Also, it’s often easier when dealing with long or complicated IF() statements to compose them in another editor — I use Notepad++ because of its automatic parenthesis-matching capabilities; there are similar apps available for macOS and Linux — and then paste them into Airtable. Note that you can paste indented code into an Airtable formula and have it work; even better, the indentation is retained should you later wish to copy-and-paste it from Airtable into your editor.

    {Single Select Field} = 'A',
    'Answer 1',
        {Single Select Field} = 'B',
        'Answer 2'