Nested or Double lookup?


I have 3 tables: Links, Namespaces and Servers.

The “Servers” table has a field for “Environment” (TEST, LIVE, DEV)

The Namespaces table is linked to Servers.

The Links table is linked to Namespaces.

On the Links table, I have a lookup field for Server. This shows what server a link is on, based on the linked Namespace.

How can I also add “Environment” to the Links table? Link > Namespace > Server > Environment.

Formular: Access other tables

Basically I want to do a lookup on a lookup:


I agree! Dotwalking would be immensely helpful and would extend the usefulness of the app a great deal. Both being able to access reference fields in filters or in the formula field-type.


You simply need an extra table for the Enviroments. More complex but more flexible.