OOPS: Joy PREMATURE... Airtable team: Thank you so much for allowing more than 500 fields in the table

I believe yesterday Airtable has done a big update to the database. The first notable thing I noticed (I am really really happy about) is Airtable now allows to go over 500 fields. That is SO AMAZING.

I wrote about this issue earlier here…

Anybody knows what is the new limit in terms of the number of fields?

And many have asked about this.



I can add more fields, that is true. However, there are still issues:

  1. When I try to delete the added field (e.g. field number 502), the database crashes and I get an error (error is similar to the error in the past when I was trying to add fields beyond 500). See picture below.

  2. Unfortunately, the moment I delete the field 502, it will also ERASE field 501. The field 501 is erased without my knowledge.

So before you start adding fields, please hold off. I guess this “Feature” if I can call it that way, is not available yet.

Makes me question if the 500 field limit is a limit based on the necessity (e.g. table speed loading experience for the end-user) or more of an arbitrary limit set by Airtable.


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