Optimize appearance of gallery view: display several lines per field

Whereas I am happy to create a nice overview by “gallery” view, I struggle now to show everything I would like to see there: with a link field - multiple records allowed - the gallery view shows only one line and not all content. How can I enforce the display of the whole content in the gallery view (and not only after double click on one card)?

Welcome to the community, @Bernd_Rubenstrunk!

Unfortunately, this is not possible with Airtable, and is one of Airtable’s major limitations.

You will probably want to email Airtable Support at support@airtable.com to request that they change this.

In the meantime, your only option (outside of custom-coding your own website) is to spend extra money per month on MiniExtensions’ excellent Gallery View. This is the Gallery View that Airtable should have included with Airtable:

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