Org Chart - Counting the Number of FTEs Under Leadership

Hi everyone - I’ve been able to create a large org chart for my organization and it looks and works great - however, I was wondering if there’s any functionality that would allow me to understand how many total FTEs report to certain leaders. I’ve got 15000 entries, so its a pretty big organization - so trying to figure out if 500 people ultimately report to this one VP vs another has been a headache!

Appreciate any help folks can lend - thanks!


Hi @Jeff_Kan - not sure how your data is structured and this is hugely simplified, but maybe there is something that can work for you here:

My table has a self-linking field ({Manager}) and you can do repeated look-ups on this field:

Manager’s manager:

Manager’s manager’s manager:

At the lowest level of my table I’ve got all 4 levels of management:

Staff -> Manager -> VP -> CEO

I can now filter where either the Manager is “X” or the Manager’s Manager is “X” (as I’m looking for totals at VP level)

In the view summary totals, I can see that there are 35 records where “X” is the manager or the manager’s manager:

Appreciate that this might be more difficult with 15000 employees and, presumably, more than 4 levels!