Page Designer automation?


Is there a way to automatically generate and download/send a pdf of a page designer? Or has anyone found a way to do this with zapier or similar?

Our use case: We generate several reports a night which need to be sent to a distribution list. Right now an employee has to manually print as pdf and re-upload it to airtable – after that the automation sends it out. It would be amazing if we could skip that one last manual step.


I just sent a similar inquiry to Airtable support. I have a similar use case whereby I have a new record created via Zapier and would like Page Designer to autogenerate the pdf report and save it into a field under that same record. Then I could use the email integration to autosend the report with an email template to the corresponding record email address. How sweet would that be…


It is possible with Integromat:

You’d have to create the following scenario:

  1. receive trigger from Airtable
  2. create PDF of the data using the PDF module (This will take an HTML template and create a pdf out of it)
  3. send the pdf through gmail/mail module Or do anything else you’d like (upload to Airtable/drive…)