Planning my clients per week


I have a Project Planning AirTable with several tabs: Projects, Tasks, Clients
Right now I can see what projects I have, in which category of work they fall, what the start date and end date is, and I link to client and tasks (and a few others that don’t matter for this)
In tasks I have broken it down into tasks, hours of work estimated, status, deadline (and a few others that don’t matter for this)
What I am trying to do is somehow see how much hours of work I have, when this will be done so that I can see how fully booked I am and when I can take on a new client.

How do I do this in a logical way?

Thank you so much for your help!


Anyone here who can help me figure out to see how much work I have left and when I can take new clients? I know Airtable is the right tool as a database that can have so many layers but I can’t figure out how to make it come together.

I already have some additions/changes: I have removed Tasks (for now) , I have Contacts and Projects. In projects I have a contact, a start date and end date, estimated hours, hours worked, hours still to work (formula from the other 2 ofcourse) and I have a summery of hours of work left in my blocks. What I want to be able to do is plan in the hours of work over several weeks so I can see how much work I have, if I’m fully booked and when I will be able to take on new clients.


Thinking out loud here: you could try making a table of weeks (1-52) that is linked to all of your tasks and then use a roll-up of hours for the tasks table that shows how many hours are currently assigned to that week. A formula in the weeks table could then show you those hours subtracted by 40, which would give you the remaining capcity in any given week.

Have you tried something like thta yet?

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Interesting idea! I kept trying to make it like multiselect columns or something but I think this might be a really good idea. It also allows me to say whether I have the full amount of hours that week or less, and put in regular tasks as well.

I’m going to try. Thank you Mac!

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Mac I wanted to let you know that I have tried this for 3 weeks now and it is working fantasticly!! Thank you for the solution!


Awesome! Glad to hear it!