Posting to social media automatically


Hi all

I’m just getting started with Airtable after seeing a fair few posts telling me I should use it instead of a CRM.

I’m here but I’m not seeing what a the fuss is about? Is anyone actually using this as a CRM?

As well as using it as a CRM, I want to use it as a marketing tool which I also hear it can do with ease.

How do I post to social media from Airtable? There are soooooooo many videos on YouTube but none explain how to actually do it.

Are there actually any good tutorials to get started rather than these clickbait ones.



Hey Daniel!

I use Airtable as my CRM! I also use it for all of my accounting, proposals, scheduling, employee time sheets, human resources, asset & equipment tracking, project deliverables, and a lot more.

I use another service called - with zapier you can link Airtable to Facebook or just about any other social media service to perform certain functions. Zapier will pull the data from rows within your airtable and push it to any of over 1000 supported services.

We use zapier to publish schedules to Google calendars, send emails using Gmail, etc…

Let me know if you need some in-depth help with it, I’d be happy to take a look and give you a few pointers.



A few pointers would be great, not even sure where to start at the moment.

I’ve started with receipts. I have all the fields I wants and a attachments section where I can take a photo of the receipt which I want uploaded to Google drive. I connected it to zapier and although I can get it to add a text file with some wording, it won’t add the photo.

Do you pay for zapier or use the free version?

Having a quick look, it seems it does the zap after 15 minutes, can you not change this to instant?

Do you have anything you can post so I can get a clear look at how you’re doing it?




I’ll see if I can post a video tomorrow when I’m in my office. We use a paid version of zapier which speeds up the lag time to just 5 minutes. Since airtable saves as you type, having a zap that would run instantly would trigger before you had the chance to even add any data to your row, so it’s best to have some kind of delay. I’ll go over this in more detail in the video.

As far as the image goes, you’ll have to send the image to google drive in a second zap. I’ll illustrate that as well.

Happy New Year!


Thank you, I can’t wait.



Did you manage to get anything together? Still struggling.



Hey Daniel! I sat down to record this and realized I don’t know much about the specific problem you are trying to solve… I think a screen sharing session might be better, are you free today to have a quick 30 minute conference?

You can reach me at