Primary Key in Form

I’m using a formula to populate the PrimaryKey field which looks like

YEAR(Date_form_submitted) &"/"& MONTH(Date_form_submitted) &"/"& {department_code_lookup (from Departments_Lookup)}&"/"& rolling_id

It works perfectly without any issues. What I want to do is add this generate value in a form. So for example, someone is submitting a new form and prior to submission I want to let them know what the PrimaryKey value (labeled as URN) is. Equally is there a way that I can send an email on submission that includes the Primarykey (URN) value to the submitter?



Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable’s forms cannot show the value of a formula field.
You can use automations to send an email with the value of the formula field after the form is submitted.

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