Printing on 24" Printer (canon ipf670)

I’m trying to format a table to print to a 24" blueprint printer at our office. It is a Canon IPF670 printer. I’ve tried printing a table view but it only gives me predefined paper sizes (letter, legal, tabloid). I can’t enter custom size. I also tried the Page Designer Block but any layout I create prints one record per page – even if I select Grid or List format.

Any Ideas?

You can get multiple records on a page by using a linked record field, then pointing the page designer block at the table containing that linked record field. You’ll be able to add the linked record field to the page and display all the records in a table, list, or without formatting (which you can add some limited custom formatting to). It sounds like you’ve sort of found this but maybe your table isn’t structured to use linked records in this exact way. If you do, though, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do what you want.

Thank you for the response. I will give that a shot. I have a table with two linked fields. Goal is to have block designer print similar to the desktop version of a table grouped by a field.

I have a jobs address table with “builder” and “owner” linked tables. Trying to print grid with job addresses grouped by “builder”.

Dave H