Problem with fetching fields from table

i started an app and try to show table fields in my app
i used a code from guides as axemple, but when i request fields by their names it shows as undefined, but field is displayed ok
i have table with wields Title, Price etc, but only have value in app, but in table all fields have value
my code

import {
} from '@airtable/blocks/ui';
import React from 'react';

function HelloWorldApp() {
    const base = useBase();
    const table = base.getTableByName('events');
    const records = useRecords(table);

    const events = => {
        return (
            <div key={}>
                {record.Price || 'not named record'}

    return (

initializeBlock(() => <HelloWorldApp />);

Field values are not a property of the record. You have to fetch them using record.getCellValue(name or ID of the field). Airtable Blocks SDK

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I don’t know what you use for development but if I may suggest VSCode with Typescript as that would have highlighted the error for you by placing a red squiggly under e.g. record.Price. Also you would have discovered the getCellValue method suggested by Kamille when you typed a dot after record.

Better tools save you a ton of time :slight_smile:

thanks, it works

strange, that in manual there is similar example with, which is declared as working

Both the id and name are public properties of a record, as described in the documentation.

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