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I currently use Odoo to prepare quotations, orders & invoices for my business but having had a play around with airtable yesterday for the first time (and easily setting up a CRM system) I’m pretty sold on it.

Is airtable suitable for creating quotations? My business sells technical products with thousands of variations & sizes. We also buy in EUR and sell in GBP so it could get tricky…


Hi @Rick_Lees

I did a quick search online and I found this link, I hope it helps:

Mary K


I am in a similar situation as Rick_Lees but would prefer to keep everything within Airtable if possible. Is there way a develop a record and block relationship to make a quote or order form regardless of # of items ordered? Please help! I have been playing around with Airtable and love its capabilities but not being able to generate quote and order forms is a show time stopper.

Hi @Henry_G

I did a quick search online and I managed to find this link for Airtable Templates. Keep in mind that you can custom make the template for your personal use. If you need further help, perhaps someone else in the forum can help, since I don’t know to much about this topic.

The other option is perhaps you can do what you need with Integromat (free plan available) or Zapier, but you will have to check out this option. I realize it’s not what you might prefer, but it’s another option.

Here is the link to Airtable Templates:

Here is another link, I don’t know if it’s going to be helpful, but here it is:

Hope this helps.

Mary K

This is awesome… I think this may work! I was able to add the page design block and display a single record with multiple records! Now I just need to either duplicate this in my table or dump my data in this this table. Thank you!

Hi @Henry_G

I am glad that the links helped.

I managed to find some information about how to use Page Design Block.

Here is some more information:

Hope this will help with your use case.

Mary K

Hi @Henry_G

How did your database work out?

Mary K


My airtable is work in progress. I have been sick and have not had much free time or energy to work on it. Hopefully next week I can try using that CRM table with my data!

Thanks again for your help.

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HI@ M_K,

I’m back and because of the lock-down I’m able to focus on developing our Airtable DB some more. We signed up for Pro service so I can use Blocks now! Anyway, I was wondering is there an easy way to merge two different tables into one? We sell custom and off the shelf parts to customers in the transportation industry. Initially I wanted to create a table for each client that listed their custom parts and the off the shelf parts at their negotiated price with our company. Now I believe it would be best to have all parts number in one single table and have create “View” or “Filter” for each client to view their part numbers and pricing. Long term I want to make sure this Filtered View feature works well as I would like to give some of our larger clients access to our DB via our website so they can view different “build recipes” created through blocks. This is all still high level plans at the moment so you have an advice and suggestions on how to do any of this it would be greatly appreciated!

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