Pulling only the most recent date when a record has multiple dates linked to it

I have contact records in my primary tab (we’re using Airtable as a CRM) where the contact’s Full Name is the main record. Then in another tab, we’re logging interactions with the contacts, and have a column that links to the contact record in the primary tab.

In our primary tab, we have a column “Follow Up Date” that looks at the interactions in the other tab and grabs the follow up dates from each interaction with that contact (also from the column “Follow Up Date”). Ideally though, we only want it to grab the most recent date. If you see in my below examples, the contact Brian has 2 dates in his follow up column. This is because there are 2 interactions linked to his contact, both of which have a follow up date. However, the only date we need is the June 3rd one, since it’s the most recent. Is there any way to add this as a condition? I’m not seeing it. Thanks!

Tab 1

Tab 2

Instead of using a lookup field, use a rollup field.

In the rollup, for the earliest date, use the MIN(values) function in the rollup. For the latest date, use the MAX(values) function.

For the earliest date that is still in the future, use a conditional rollup. Set the condition to rollup only records where the {Follow Up Date} field is on or after today, and set the aggregation formula to MIN(values).

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