Question about CSV import block

i have several fields in my base that are “multiple select” field types. in my CSV file, these are stored in one “cell” (if you are viewing the CSV file in Excel) with commas between the values. the CSV import block does not seem to recognize these as values in the list, and just skips the information in that field during the import.

is there a way to format the values in my CSV file that will allow the import block to recognize them and choose them during the import?


Instead of merging into a multi-select field, try merging into a linked records field. In the past when I’ve had this issue, the comma separation works fine.

Also, bear in mind that for single select and multi select fields to to be merged, you must have those values already defined in the multi select field. You can get around this by using a linked record type instead for the field you are trying to merge into, and then copy it over to a multi select if you must.