Question About Linking Records



I am wondering how to do this, I am a beginner with linking records, do I am just learning this:

When creating a linked record/table I should create two tables (in my situation), #1 TV SHOWS, #2 EPISODES, then I would create a field in the first table and link it to the field, EPISODE NAME in table #2 named EPISODES. I would go to table #2, EPISODES and link to EPISODE NAME in table #2, TV SHOWS, I would create all my other fields. Now, I am not sure what option I would chose, when creating links: Individual records or all records for TV SHOWS in table #1 and EPISODE NAME in table #2.

What is the rule for deciding if I should chose:

Individual Record
Group of Records

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As Episodes belongs to just 1 TV Show, you uncheck “Allow linking to multiple records” in that table. As TV shows can have more than 1 episode, you choose “Allow linking to multiple records” in that table (if not, you could select just 1 episode for every TV Show :smile: ).


Hi @Elias_Gomez_Sainz

This is so helpful

It is the last piece to this puzzle. I now have a better understanding, since I have to visualize the whole picture, to understand it better. This helps with that. :grinning:

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