Quickly enter a List of items (e.g., groceries)


I’d like to create a list of grocery items in the initial Grocery List base. It’s a bit cumbersome on my phone doing it:

  • click the plus sign
  • tap the field (not sure why the focus doesn’t start there)
  • enter the item name
  • click the back button

Is there a way to do this more easily? To get started I just want to put in item names. If details are required for one or 2 items I can go back to fill those in later.

Ideally I’d like to be able to type item names into a multi-line field with carriage returns indicating that I’ve finished with an entry. Then when I’ve put everything in I’d hit a “save” or “done” button and the new items would be added to the base.

Is there some way to do this that I have overlooked?


One idea would be to create a form (in the web or desktop versions). Then create a link to the form and send it to your phone (email, etc.). If you save that link to your homescreen/etc. or just bookmark it in your phone’s browser you can go to the site and go straight to entering the grocery items. You’ll have to hit ‘submit’ in the form for each item and wait for the page to reload but it may be quicker than through the app.