Record link variable field


When adding an association, it would be helpful to have the ability to modify some variable in the association based on that specific record link.

For example, let’s say a property of a car is color, but let’s assume for this example that not all cars have a color, or that for some cars no color is specified … So, color won’t be selected as a property for every car, but when it is selected as a property, I want to allow the user to add some text indicating the color of the car, since don’t have a finite list of colors.

So for the setup, assume we have one table called properties, and under the name column you have “color”… Now you also set the properties table to accept a variable when it’s linked to by another table.

So in the cars table, you select “color” as one of many properties, and when you do that it prompts you to type in a color.

Is this possible? Or should this be a feature request.

PS. In my app we’re not dealing with cars, but incredibly complex products with lots of properties, and in my case it doesn’t make sense to have every property listed out as it’s own column within the main products table.


Here’s kind of a visual to help with this thought.