Referencing Other Table in Primary Field


Is it possible to reference another table in a primary field formula? I would love to be able to automatically add/remove records based on a checkbox value in a separate table.

We are using Airtable to keep track of email accounts and distribution lists for our company. A distribution list can be associated with singular email accounts as well as other distribution lists. For this reason we have two tables - “Email” and “Dist Lists”. “Email” lists all accounts including distribution lists which are distinguished with a checkbox, and a separate table, “Dist Lists” links back to “Email”. The problem is any time I create a distribution list I have to add the record to both “Email” and “Dist Lists”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


As you can see, you can’t do that. You can instead create a Linked Record field, and then select de Primary Field as a Formula, to play with the linked record.


I know this topic is a long time ago, but what formula would I enter into the Primary Field? I’m still learning to use forumulars in Airtable so I appreciate any help.


The Formula depends on the desired results and available Fields. Check the docs:


Oh yes, I finally worked it out. Thanks anyway.