Reset AutoNumber on Duplicate

I use an AutoNumber in my tables and the behaviors are fine - but I like to start a new base by duplicating a previous version - and the last AutoNumber value tracks over.

Is there a way to reset AutoNumber to it’s first (lowest) value when you duplicate a base?

Hi @Alex_Koch - there doesn’t look like there’s an automatic way to do this, but there is a workaround:

  1. Duplicate the base (with all of the current records)
  2. Duplicate the table(s) you want in the new base:

  1. When you duplicate select “off” or “no” for “Duplicate records”:

This will give you the table structure you require, but without any records (obviously) and when you enter a new record in the duplicated table, it will restart at 1 again:

Weirdly, if you duplicate the whole base (and don’t carry over records) the autonumber does NOT reset, so you need to do it table by table (then delete the original tables).


You can convert the AutoNumber to Number, and then back to AutoNumber, and it resets.

Anyway, what is your use case? It sounds strange to me to clone a base.


Thanks Jonathan and Elias!

Both methods worked - and solved the issue at hand.

Elias, great question about duplicating previous bases, here’s the situation: I design projections fore theater and concerts and we track cues and assets separately (assets are video files which need a unique identifier). We work multiple projects and each one naturally gets a base with interrelated cues and assets. Our process, how and what we track, shifts over time. The best way to maintain a ‘current’ version of our tracking system is to always duplicate the most recent base. This way we are always pushing forward to all the latest mods.

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It sounds to me that the best is to have all the projects in the same base, with a Projects table. In fact, how do you track the data about the project itself? Date, place, duration, etc.?

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A given project in my studio (and generally in the industry) involves distinct sets of team members, needs, etc. We also are tightly integrated with a wide range of creative programs (Maya, Adobe, etc) so beyond file structure there is no single unified point for a project. To see or have access to another project would likely greatly confuse teams rather than help them. But it is an interesting questions and makes me think about future ways to keep data separate but maybe get a big picture of everything happening at once.

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Thank you! Super simple solution.