Return the contents of a multiple select from one table onto another table


I’m trying to create a summary page and on it I would like for the contents of the information on the other tables (in the same base) from select fields to just display or return that information on the summary page. Kind of like a “look up”. I have all the fields from the other tables linked to my Summary page (and I figure I can just hide them so that they are not selectable), and have tried to using rollup with “concatenate” fields as well, but I’m not getting the results I’m hoping for. Is there another formula I can use with the rollup? “IF” formulas don’t seem to be available in rollups either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


In a lot of cases you would have to implement the condition in the original table.

Have a look at:


Thank You so much I’ll repost how it works out.