Rollups + Amount in 1 column


Hey all - Not quite sure how to explain, but I’ll try my best! I am keeping a database of Products. In this base I have a few tables. One table, “Master” is keeping all of the products, the cost from the vendor, the retail price, etc. Another table, “Materials” that holds all of the materials that make up some of the products.

Some items, (leather bracelet, for example) is just 1 total price - the cost of the leather bracelet. Other items, (like a Basket, for example), are a culmination of prices - the price of leather handles, the basket itself, and a brass plate.

I have a column in Master that rolls up the prices of the leather handles, basket itself and the brass plate, and another column that gives me the total cost of those 3 items.

My question is - Is there a way to have a “Total Cost” column where I can have both the rollups AND be able to insert an individual price of an item? OR, do I have to list every single item in the Materials table and have it rolled up?

I just started using Airtable, and struggled to find an answer. So if this has already been answered, feel free to point me in the right direction.

And thank you for any help you can give!