Rollups...Any Particular Order



My understanding is that if there are two tables in a base that need to be linked including records, that the table and records should be linked first.

That is why I wanted to know if there is any order to follow or guide lines when setting up Rollups in two different tables, in one base?

One Rollup has an ARRAY formula and the other has an IF formula. I was just wondering if there was any particular “order” to follow.

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You link Record, not Tables. Of course, this link represents a relation between 2 element types (AKA tables). Of course you have to relate elements first (author with book, event with venue, etc.). :blush:

I don’t understand your question, the order of what? :man_shrugging: You put the Formula you want in a Rollup, and the functions used in it depends on the desired results.


I think, @M_k, that it does not matter. Each Rollup formula, and each “IF” formula is going to act independently, so creating them in any particular order doesn’t matter. The only time it matters is if one formula depends on the output of another – then, of course, you can’t create the dependent formula until you create the one it depends on.


Hi Elías Gómez Sainz

You are right, I am just learning all of the terminology and Airtable lingo.

I have two Rollups and I just wanted to know if there was any particular sequence to use, to set up the Rollups, (since some features needs to be done first i.e. linking records) but it seems that it doesn’t really matter for Rollups , except if they depend on each other.

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The Fields that depends on other fields are not going to work. For instance, a Lookup depends on having a Linked Record, if you try to create one but you does not have a Linked Record field you’ll not be able to configure it. In the same way, Rollups are applied to Linked Records values, so you need that field first.



Thank you for your reply.

I managed to figure out how to do it, so your information was very helpful.