Script error: cannot update field because it is locked

Hi, I copied Airtable’s Currency Conversion Import script and kept everything the same except renamed the table and fields to the following:

const table = base.getTable(‘Currencies & Exchange Rates’);
const conversion_field = ‘USD -> Currency (Non-Static)’
const currency_code_field = ‘Currency’;

I’m currently getting the following error message when I try to run the script:

What’s the issue here and how can I fix this? I have extremely limited JavaScript skills, I only know what I’ve used by copying other template scripts. Pasting the full script below in case helpful.

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I would suspect that this is because someone has put permissions on your ‘USD -> Currentcy (Non-Static)’ field.

If you right click a field, a dropdown, such as the one above, will pop up and if you click “Edit field permissions”, you can see what kind of controls have been placed on your field.


If you’re not able to change this, I would contact the creator of the base and request they change the permissions.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Wow, I admittedly had not thought of that. That was the issue, thanks!

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