Seeking examples: Use of Airtable for Video Display on Website, Comment Section

I am using Airtable to organize/display entries in a video competition. Applicants will submit a video as an attachment in a form, and entries will be displayed on the competition’s website. I’m not able to use Youtube or a similar hosting site. I’m seeking inspiration if this has been done nicely before:

  1. Are there examples of using Airtable to organize videos (or other media) to be displayed on a website? To display the videos on the site, I’ve set up a gallery view with the attached videos as a visible field, and embedded it into the competition’s website. I’m interested in learning if there is a better way to obtain a similar display.

  2. Ideally, we would provide some kind of comment section, where viewers (not on our Airtable team) can submit questions about the projects, have them displayed publicly, and have someone respond to the questions. Has Airtable been used to organize comments in this way? I could link out to a different site for this (e.g., utilizing Google Docs), but I haven’t landed on a method yet.

Hopefully these aren’t duplicate questions - I’m new to Airtable but I’ve searched a bit but not sure if I landed on the right key words. Thanks!

Our gallery extension supports playing videos and it can be embedded inside your website. You can check out the demo here:

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