Send user from API to a specific record in embedded database

Hi there,

I’ve a website with an embedded Airtable database view and a chatbot where I’m using the API to make some research trough the DB.
When the API returns a result, I want to send back the user to the website and display the fetching record into the embedded DB view.
How can I do it ?


If you expand a record in your embedded Airtable view, and then look at the URL in your browser’s toolbar, you’ll see a URL like this:

The characters after “shr” represent the base ID.
The characters after “tbl” represent the table ID.
The characters after “viw” represent the view ID.
The characters after “rec” represent the record ID.

So all you need to do is change the record ID to match the record that you want to view.

Thanks for your answer.

I understand your explanation but my goal is to stay on the original website and act on the embedded view.
I’m not sure your solution will help to do that.

Oh right, if it’s embedded, you can’t do it that way, because you’re running an embedded JavaScript app within your website.

I was mistaken above — what I said above only applies to NON-embedded views. You could use my advice to take the user to Airtable‘s hosted page.

As far as I know, the only way you could do it on your own website would be to write your own custom web app with JavaScript that communicates natively with the Airtable API.

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