Sending attached files by email

One of the things I use Airtable for is records for a small animal rescue group. The main base includes information about the animal, photos, vet records and adoption records. When an animal is adopted and we need to send the vet records to the new owner, I have to download the attachments, save them somewhere, and then attach them to an email. I can’t figure out a way to do that directly from Airtable but it seems like there must be a way. Am I missing something?

Click right on the record, then click Send Record
Hope it helps

Thank you! I was trying to find a way to send just the attached files, but now that I think about it (I mean, since you mentioned it!), there’s no reason not to send the whole record. I appreciate your response.

How do you remove the Airtable Link when you send a record via email?

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