Set specified filter options for external view

I’ve embedded the Gallery view on to my website, but I know that having all filter options available will be confusing and hard to navigate for my users. How can I specify what filter options I want them to be able to choose from (and ensure the other options are not available) in the shared view.

When embedding a view, you can choose to turn the filter option ON or OFF (by toggling the “Show View Controls” option), but you can’t specify which fields will show up in the filter. It will list all the fields that are visible on your view.

If you really want to narrow down which filter options are available to your users, you can actually do this with Stacker. But Stacker is extremely expensive, so it’s probably not worth it just to gain this one feature. (I also don’t know if they allow “guest access” to a gallery view — meaning that they might require all of your users to log in with a username & password before showing them the gallery view.)

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I did notice the ON/OFF options. I definitely want my users to be able to filter, I just wish I could inform the suggested filters for them to choose from (to make it a more seamless process). I was going to try to see if the “Pro” version would allow me any control over this, but since my trial is already up… I don’t really want to pay, if that doesn’t end up doing the trick. Perhaps someone with the pro version could help advise?

I also appreciate your suggestion for Stacker. While it offers much more than I’m looking for in this instance, it’s always great to learn about new tools. Who knows, that may be something I’m looking for in the future.


The Pro version is the same as what I described above.

Airtable does have an API, so if you know someone who is a website coder, I’m sure that they could custom-code your own custom gallery view on your website that pulls real-time data from your Airtable database.

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Perfect! Thanks for the insight!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes, Stacker is absolutely fantastic for user portals. I just found out from their support team that they don’t offer guest access to data at this time, but people can upvote the request on their feature requests forum.

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