Show only a filtered view embedded on a website


I have created a table in a base that includes a rating field (1-5 stars). I am sharing it on a website.

However, I want to do the following and not sure if there’s a way to do it.

I want to be able to show on the website ONLY the records that have 5 stars and nothing else. I know I can tell the viewer to create a filter but that’s a hassle. I don’t want the viewer to do anything.



Sounds like what you want is a view share link. This allows you to link to or embed a specific view — including filters. There are a number of options and variations discussed in the referenced article.


Thank you for your answer.

I was able to go through your link but unfortunately, it seems it doesn’t solve my issue.

I am able to share a view where I have created a filter. However, it allows the user to delete the filter which I’d rather not give them the ability to do. I probably wasn’t clear on that earlier.

I want them to see only those records with a 5 star rating and nothing else.


No, it does not. The visitor can add new Filters, but not delete the already created in the View.


I stand corrected. I must’ve done something wrong the first time I did it. It’s now working properly. Thank you!


It’s easy to get confused which link or under which login one is testing. In fact, after receiving your reply, the first thing I did was double-check the view link I’d created before responding to you — where, to my chagrin, I discovered you were correct. Only upon double-checking my double-check did I realize I had used the wrong URL in my previous test…