Siloing programs by kind

This may be a very simple answer - but I would very much appreciate any guidance some kind person could give.

I use Airtable to manage registration for programs that our non-profit offers to the community. We have various workshops that take place several times each year, and currently have each program titled as the program name, followed by the season it took place. We also have a separate column titled session to denote the same season/quarter it took place in, as well as the specific date, since some workshops run several times in a season [Please see photo linked below to see example].

Is there a way we can organize this so each discrete program is listed only once, and then once expanded can show the various dates where it took place, and then within that date the specific registrants/participants/etc.

Any guidance anyone can provide is very much appreciated. Thanks!!


If you adjust the Title of the program so it is a concatenated field with each of the portions of coming from another field then you could group by Program and it would allow you to expand. You wouldn’t have all the details visible from that grouped view though.

Thanks very much for your quick reply! I am a little confused as to how you mean I could concatenate the program title? I don’t see concatenate as an option. Would I need to transfer the title field to a second field name and then make the first one a concatenated field that contains the following fields “name” + “session” + “date” and then each is listed individually and can be sorted as such?

You could make the Program title a formula that draws from the other fields. If your naming convention is consistent then you could make It look almost identical to the current state.

Program Title: (A potential option)
CONCATENATE({Name}," ",{Session})

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