Simple question about data linking between tables

Hi !
I’m searching since days the solution on the forum, i just can’t find it, but it might be really easy !

I have two tables, in one of them i have all the informations i need, and in the other i would like to have a general view of my data, and organize it.
For example, i have a column with a single select, and i would like to retrieve in the other table, only the records that have the “Yes” option.

In the second table where i want to retrieve the data, i already created a link to the first table, to count afterwards, but it doesn’t work … Any idea ?

In general, i want to retrieve certain data from a table depending on specific criteria, to another one.

Since you’re using linked records, you can use some combination of rollups, lookups and/or formulas depending on what you’re trying to do.

Here’s the single select example you described:

Table 1
Name (Single Line Text)

Yes No or Maybe? (Single Select)

Yes Value (Formula)

Formula: IF( {Single Select} = "Yes", "Yes", "" )

Table 2

Fruits (Linked Records)
Orange, Apple, Banana

Fruits with “Yes” (Rollup)

Rollup Settings: Table 1 > Yes Value (formula)
Rollup Formula: COUNTA(values)

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Thanks a lot, it works !

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