[SOLVED] Formula to begin a search from a specific row


I would like to begin a search from a specific row however
SEARCH("word to search for", columnname, 11) > 0 where 11 is the row position to start from. This, however, doesn’t seem to work. How can I get my search to not start from row 1


Row positions are arbitrary in AirTable, meaning you can’t reference a row position.

You can, however fake this ability by using an AutoNumber field. Rewrite your formula to: IF({AutoNumber}>10,SEARCH("word to search for", {columnname}))


But in the moment you change the order of the Records you’ll lose the actual order of the rows.


How so? If I want to start a search from a specific row how would the order be changed


This would see to work I need to try it out as part of another formula


Elias is right. You can always drag a row up or down in AirTable.

What you can do is sort the records by the AutoNumber field, making sure “keep sorted” is on. That way you can’t manually move the records out of order in that view.