[SOLVED] Search for separate words within separate columns


Is it possible to do a formula on a search wherein one statement search for 2 pieces of text in 2 columns? So I have one search
SEARCH("Walker", PRODUCT) but I would like a search to also check SEARCH("scotch", TYPE)

Is it possible to combine those 2 statements into one formula?


Yes, what you want to do then with both results? You have AND function and & operator, for instance.


I just want it to return the rows that fit either one of the search statements. There is no need for a AND statement.


You have the OR function too. With an IF, you could output an emoji or word. You also could use Views to Filter the records and only see the desired ones.


I need a formula because I am accessing my table via the API and its requesting a formula


This worked for me
IF(OR(SEARCH("word to search for", PRODUCT,)) > 0, (SEARCH("word to search for", TYPE, 10) > 0))