Sort does not stay updated in embedded view


I use Airtable to display a publicly viewable database of funding for photographers by embedding it on my website. I sort the database by year (descending), then funding recipient’s name (ascending). It’s worked fine for the past year, but for some reason it refuses to show 2017 records in the embedded view unless someone manually resorts the records. When I look at the database in Airtable the records display properly, with 2017 records at the top, but when I look at the embedded view it still shows 2016 records at the top. I’ve resorted it more than a dozen times, but it refuses to keep the sort that shows the latest records first. The website is

I submitted a support request to Airtable four days ago, and so far I have not heard anything from them - not even an acknowledgement of my request. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Sorry we missed your message!

It looks like the Recipients table has 3 views—can you verify that you’re sorting the correct one from Airtable? I noticed that the “Awarded Grants copy copy” is correctly sorted.


Thank you for pointing this. I was oblivious to the redundant views, and once I deleted the duplicate ones the problem went away. I appreciate your quick response to my amateurish error.