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Hi Airtable Community,

I have columns which are marked “complete” using the multiple select column type. I want to be able to have a summary column which says, when certain columns are saying “Complete” then this summary columns says “ready to go”


You can use a formula that searches the columns for “Complete” and if found, returns a 0, otherwise, returns a 1. Add those IF statements. Nest them inside of an IF statement that, if = 0, returns “Ready to go”, otherwise returns “Not ready” (or whatever).

Like this:
IF(IF(SEARCH(“Complete”,{Step 1})>0,0,1) + IF(SEARCH(“Complete”,{Step 2})>0,0,1) + IF(SEARCH(“Complete”,{Step 3})>0,0,1)=0,“Ready to go”,“Not ready”)

Assuming your fields/columns are named: step 1, step 2, step 3.

The reason I use 0, rather than adding the numbers, is that 0 doesn’t require me to know the number of step columns to evaluate. If I add a column, I simply add the “+ If statement”.

The reason I use the search is due to the multiple item list. If it were a single item, I would only need to evaluate if the column was = to “Complete”.
Let me know if this works.

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