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I’m trying to write a formula that will automatically populate this field with an email address based on the name entered in another field so I don’t have to manually type the address each time I create a record. I’ve used the Switch formula and assigned an address for each of 4 names, however, sometimes there are multiple names in that original field. How do I write the formula to populate each email address for each name in that “Assigned To” field in my table?

Right now, if there is anything but an individual name in that field I have it defaulting to send to me, but I don’t want to have to keep forwarding to the appropriate people in the automation I created linked to that email address field.

Hey @Kristen_Buser,
This sounds to me like something that would work better as a Linked field to a separate table, called “People” or “Team” or whatever the group of 4 people is.

You’d first create the new table and add each person, then add an email field and assign emails for each person. Then on the original table, you’d create the linked field, allowing for multiple records. Then you would right-click on this new Linked field, and choose “Add lookup fields”, adding the email field from the other table. This would pull in email addresses, based on who was selected in the Linked field. If multiple people were selected, the formatting would look like email1@gmail.com, email2@gmail.com which should work for email automations.

Let me know if that helps.

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Perfect! This worked, thank you so much!

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