Switching view between tables based on linked records

New to airtable, but feel like I’m missing a key feature, hope someone can help.

I have a simple two-table one:many relationship, call it customers and orders, where each order is linked to a customer.

When I’m browsing the customer table using a Grid View, I have an ‘orders’ column which contains links to all their orders, and I can expand the cell to see a list of those records, and drill into them. But that expanded view is in a fixed format, and I already have several nicely configured Views for looking at orders. So I’d rather be able to switch to one of those Views, filtered to the orders linked by the customer. The best I seem to be able to do now is copy the customer id, manually switch to an order view and filter for that customer id, which seems kind of painful.

Similarly vice-versa when I’m browsing orders and have a ‘customer’ column which links to the owning customer, i’d like to be able to jump into a specific customer View showing that customer, or scrolling to them in a grid view or whatever.

I was hoping there might be some kind of URL hack I could do via a formula, but it doesn’t look like I can easily generate a URL which specifies a target View and filter?

Am I missing something?


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Funny, I was just going to type up a feature request for this very feature!

Sadly, as far as I know, this is not possible in Airtable. :frowning:

However, with the new Javascript scripting block that just came out 2 months ago, I bet that you would be able to script a solution to this in JavaScript — but it’s not natively built into Airtable itself.

Essentially, what you & me want is the ability to click on a record in the current table and then be taken to ONLY THAT SET OF RECORDS in the other table — on the view that we’ve already setup in that other table.

If you type this up as a product suggestion in this forum, I will chime in with my own thoughts underneath you! :slight_smile:

Also, I’m sure that one of the Javascript experts here would be able to help you write a script for that!


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