The AirPower app to sync Shopify and Airtable is live!

After months of development and testing the AirPower app is live in the Shopify app store. AirPower syncs Shopify store data bi-directionally with Airtable. A purpose-built app, it understands the Shopify data model and all its restrictions, can do things that generic sync services (e.g., Zapier) just can’t do, and can be deeply customized.

So far we’ve been blown away by the use cases our beta stores have come up with. There is just so much that Shopify store owners can leverage Airtable to do, improving their productivity and lowering costs (you need fewer apps). Some of the Shopify-centric use cases that Airtable is perfect for include:

  • You no longer need a separate app to modify metafields
  • You can bulk update products, variants, collections, etc.
  • You can link Shopify data with data from other services in one place (e.g., sync email marketing system data via zapier, or update orders in Shopify with tracking information)
  • You can perform sales and customer analysis without needing a separate app/service

We’ve started building a how-to guide, showing all the ways that Airtable can be used to manage and analyze a Shopify store. The starter set of guides can be found here and we’ll keep adding more over time.

If you are interested in trying the app drop me a note, or just install it from the app store.


Thank you!!! The brain damage I’ve received getting data out of Shopify reliably…

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