Think I need a simple formula

I think this can be done, might just need to add a new field!

On table ‘seed packets’, I have a manual number field to log how many seeds in the original packet. On table ‘sowing log’ it calulates how many seeds I have sown by N numbers in N numbers of stations (manually logged, auto answer (I didn’t set it up so language may be wrong).

On the ‘seed packets’ table I appreciate I shall need to create a new field for the answer. I want it to take off the number of seeds sown from the original packet number

I am familer with formulas in excel but not here so please, if someone could give me a simple starter I’d be most grateful; or correct me if I am heading down the wrong path

Are the [seed packets] and [sowing log] linked together?

It sounds like you need two new fields

  • a lookup or rollup field to pull the information from the [sowing log] into [seed packets]
  • a formula field to do the calculation

I find the formula field reference very helpful. It has lots of examples.

Thank you very much, first formula done :smile: Both linked together so easy lookup. Created field to look up total seeds sown and could pick field for original seeds and minus the new seeds sown field (explaining incase it helps others).

This will change for me in time as I need a total sowing log, not just this year but I now feel confident to do it

Much appreciated.

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