Tinkering with Page Designer and have two questions


How do I get ALL Fields from my table to show up on the left, (in the blue), of Page Designer?

Second. Our invoice is getting crowded. Is there a way that I can print extra text on the backside of the paper invoice? Would like to move information back there. Things like when the invoice is due, explanations of jargon, etc. There’s hundreds of invoices that go out each month, so printing the front, then printing a word document on the back would be very time consuming.



Hey @bob_aycock!!! :grin:

The Page Designer is linked to a table and only the fields within that table will be on the left side. If you need extra fields, create a LOOKUP column in that table which pulls in the information from your other tables. Once pulled in, you’ll find the field listed on the left side of your Page Designer.

The only way known to date is to place the information at the bottom of the page. Essentially forcing the system into believing that you are now working on a 8.5 x 22 page. I don’t know if that will play nice when it comes to printing on the backside.

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Thanks Nathalie!! That helps. :tada::sunglasses:

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