Two IF formulas work apart but not together 💔

I need some Airtable Formula help. I am trying to merge the below. I’ve been looking at it so long I can’t work out what is going on any more!

This works:

IF({Rejected}, IF({Rejection Reason}=“Unresponsive”,“Unresponsive”,
IF({Rejected}, IF({Rejection Reason}!=“Unresponsive”,“Rejected”))))

And this does too:

IF(Rejected}=BLANK(),IF({Status 1}+{Status 2}=2,“Done”,
IF(Rejected}=BLANK(),IF({Status 1}+{Status 2}=1,“One of two”,
IF(Rejected}=BLANK(),IF({Status 1}+{Status 2}=0,“Pending”

However, if I put them together, then it only displays the results of the first 2 lines.

If I switch it around so the 3 lines goes first, then it only displays the results of the 3 lines.

Not sure why but any help gratefully received. :pray:

Try this:

IF({Rejected}, IF({Rejection Reason}="Unresponsive", "Unresponsive", "Rejected"), IF({Rejected=BLANK(), SWITCH({Status 1}+{Status 2}, 2, "Done", 1, "One of Two", "Pending")))

Fantastic! That works perfectly. Thank you so much.

Any idea why the way I tried didn’t work?

If I had to guess, I’d say it was something to do with how you combined the formulas, likely improper nesting. Simplifying redundant IF() statements usually makes it easier to see where the different pieces of a complicated formula go.

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