Unique Autonumber across all table

Is possible to have a unique id number from autonumber function across all tables?,
For example:
If I create a new record on table A, that record must be 1; but if I create another new record on table B must be 2

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Not as you’re describing. Autonumber’s functionality is frustratingly limited. But if you’d like unique identifiers associated with each record across any number of tables, you could do one of the following:

Use 'Record ID’
Each record already has a unique identifier. It’s a hash generated by Airtable’s backend tools. You can see it in a field by creating a formula field and entering RECORD_ID() in it. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a hash to be reused across multiple tables, but I’d imagine it’s unlikely. If you’re worried see the next section.

Create a Custom ID
If you’d like more control over the ID name, you could add words onto an autonumber. For example, the name of each table. That way even if multiple tables have the same number, their respective names will ensure a unique value. It might look like this:

First Table

Autonumber (autonumber)

Custom Record ID (formula)



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