URL Preview Block not working

I am using the URL preview block in the gallery view. It works as designed when I am in Airtable.

I have embedded my Airtable base, gallery view within my website here: sideprojectstack.com/bubble-review. However, when I select the “preview video” button it does not open a preview video. It does not respond when tapped.

Is there something I am missing that I need to install additionally to the airtable embed code? I am using a youtube URL, which is supported, it works when I am in Airtable base, but not on my website. I’ve researched and found that the preview url is supported in the gallery view.

Thank you in advance for any help or insights you can provide. Experiencing it here is probably the easiest way to see the issue: sideprojectstack.com/bubble-review . Scroll about halfway down and you will see the Airtable gallery view and light blue buttons labeled “preview video”.

Unfortunately, when you embed a view in your website, blocks are not a part of that embedding.

I would just display the URL field in your gallery, and then they can click on the URL to go to the video.

Thanks Scott. I appreciate the validation at least. Disappointing for sure. the preview feature is not what I thought it was.

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