Using a CRM and number of contacts?


I’m still relatively new to Airtable and the advanced functions available. Have experimented with several of the examples available.
Would like to use a CRM that has mass emailing capability. From what I’ve read, that could be feasible with something like Mailchimp’s API and using Zapier.

Also, I’ve looked at HubSpot the free version which supports up to 1 million contacts as a CRM.
Does Airtable have similar ability to support that many contacts with upgrading?


If you store 1 contact per Record, your limit is the Records limits for every plan:

Also, the most common is to store other kind of information: Companies, Interactions, Sales, etc., so you’ll get to the limit with less Contacts stored.


Some great templates have already been completed for you in the AT “Templates” section:

Having said that hubspot is a great CRM product, even at it’s free level.


If you go Pro, you could simply use the SendGrid block