Using Airtable to Schedule a Conference


Hi There,

I’m designing a conference that has multiple sessions running at the same time, and I thought I would use Airtable to keep track of what sessions are scheduled in which rooms at what time.

I created a base (based off of the “event planning” template) that has three main tabs of data “sessions” “session blocks” and “rooms”.

I have linked fields in sessions called “session block” and “session room” so when I assign a session to a block and a room the data will cross-reference.

I’ve also set up a lookup field in session blocks so I can see which rooms I’ve scheduled sessions into in a particular session block. However, here’s where I’m stumped - I’d also like to know what rooms are unscheduled in a particular block. So If I’m looking at the schedule blocks tab, I’d like a field that shows me which rooms don’t currently have a session assigned to them. How might I do that?

If possible, I’d also like to figure out a way to show this data in grid form with the rooms along one axis and the session blocks along the other. The cells would then lookup the data to see what session is assigned to what room at what time. Is that possible?

Thanks for your help,