Using multiple IF formulas in the same field



I am a programming coordinator at a library, managing programming for 3 different branches with multiple different rooms. I’m trying to create a formula to pull from a “room” field into another that will formulate the “address” for the building the room is in. Example: Room X, Room Y, and Z should put Address 1 in the formula column, but Room A and B are at Address 2, Room C is at Address 3. I am able to use an IF formula to get it to work for 1 room, but anytime I try and add others I get errors.

Here’s what I am working with so far:

IF(Room = “HPL Program Room”, “Address 1”, “Address 2”)

This will give me Address 1 for the “HPL Program Room” records, and address 2 for anything that is not “HPL Program Room.” If I try adding other conditions, I get errors. How do I add the other circumstances to the same string/formula field?


Hi @Annie_Tillmann,

Since each condition you need to check is referencing the same field (Room), I’d suggest using a SWITCH() function for this:

It would look something like this:

   "HPL Program Room", "Address 1",
   "Room A", "Address 2",
   "Room C", "Address 3",
   "Room B", "Address 2"

and you can continue adding your list of "Room", "Address" combinations inside that function. Make sure to add a comma after each address except the very last one in the list.

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Hi @Annie_Tillmann - you can use a nested IF formula, although a SWITCH formula might work better in this case:

 'Room 1', 'Address 1',
'Room 2', Address 2'


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Thank you, this worked wonders!