Workday Formula calculates Sunday Dates. Need to EXCLUDE weekends

Hello! I am admittedly not a formula wizard at all. Trying to create a formula that adds 3 days to a manual date field but excludes weekends. By definition, I thought the Workday formula removed weekends, but my formula is giving Sunday dates. Do you have to designate if your workday starts on Sunday vs. Monday to fix this? If yes, how?

Next Expected Dispatch Date is a date field manually selected:
IF({Next Expected Dispatch Date},WORKDAY({Next Expected Dispatch Date},3),BLANK())

You’re doing it right. It’s a time zone issue.

Check what your time zone settings are in the formatting tab for both your formula field & your original date field, and check what time your original date field has.

If it doesn’t have a time at all, I think it evaluates to midnight. So if that’s midnight GMT and your formula field is not set to GMT and you’re In America, then it will show up in your calendar on the day before.

You can override this in your formula by using the SET_TIMEZONE function. Or you can get even more advanced with time zones by downloading my sample base & watching my training video on time zones here:

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