Yet another Repeating Event query

Completely new to Airtable.

I’m trying to design a jobs database that can handle repeated job events. Scenario is a customer needs a service carried out on a regular basis ie, 1, 2 3…weekly, fortnightly monthly, yearly etc. I need all future repeats to show on a calendar (don’t need time, just dates). I had something working in Google sheets and Excel, where a script would copy down a record xxx amount of times based on a cell value that calculated the no of occurrences until a specified end date (that was capped at two years), then added every occurrence to a spreadsheet database with the same record ID number to group them.

Is this possible in Airtable?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I would take a look at these 2 scripts:

Thank you Scott. As mentioned I’m completely new to Airtable, so now I have to figure out this scrip. I will have a look.

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